After four years of volunteering our time, empowering charity climbers and adventurers from around the world in running successful campaigns, sharing their inspiring stories, and providing an online platform for campaign teams to raise their funds for charity, we’ve decided it’s now time to climb the next mountains in our lives.

100’s of people empowered
Dozens of amazing charities supported
One quarter of a million dollars raised
One documentary film produced and screened worldwide
1000’s of people inspired to climb the mountains in their lives
And most importantly … deep friendships formed

Thank you to all our volunteers, partners, collaborators and friends for hanging in there with us. Climb On!

Mike, Chantal, Chris and Andre
Climb For Change (Project 2010 to 2013)

Climb For Change was the first fundraising platform and online community
for charity climbers, trekkers, hikers and adventurers worldwide