Our Team



Mike Schauch
President & Co-Founder, Climb For Change

Live free, play hard, and laugh lots could be used to describe Mike’s approach to life. While he’s always had a love for the outdoors, Mike’s passion for alpinism and climbing sparked shortly after high-school, when a friend and experienced mountaineer asked him to come out and climb a local mountain.  With borrowed crampons, ice axe, and harness, Mike clambered his way to the top of what was to be the first of many summits. The experience was transformational, and Mike knew that his life had changed forever – he was hooked.

The mountains have not only taught Mike what he considers to be some of his most important life lessons, but have also taken him to many remote and inspiring places around the world.

Combined with over fifteen years of business leadership, finance, and investment experience, Mike has developed an appreciation for three fundamental truths: wealth is whatever we decide to make it, the world is a giant playground shared by all, and there is no greater value than life – all life. On this basis, Mike co-founded Climb For Change to empower and inspire each other to adventure, explore, and challenge ourselves, while doing good for the communities and causes we care about. 


Chantal Schauch
Vice President & Co-Founder, Climb For Change

As Co-Founder and VP of Climb For Change, Chantal leads our Operations, Client Services and Marketing Communications. She brings a 10-year background in marketing communications and development across corporate, SME and non-profit sectors, with particular expertise in start-up, social venture, social enterprise and non-profit work.

Chantal is passionate about helping individuals and organizations reach their highest potential, and is always excited about sharing her communications and fundraising experience and tips with campaigners and non-profits from around the world.

Chantal holds a Master of Arts in Professional Communication, a Bachelor of Commerce in International Business, and a Marketing Management Certificate in Public Relations. Her Master’s Thesis was published in the Journal For Values-Based Leadership (2009).

Loving the great outdoors, particularly volcanoes smiley, Chantal has climbed Mt. Baker, Mt. Adams, Mt. Hood, Mt. Temple, Nevada de Colima, La Malinche, Pico de Orizaba, and Mt. Kilimanjaro, as well as hiked in the Coast Mountain Ranges of British Columbia, Olympic National Park, Switzerland and Nepal. Getting out into the mountains has positively changed her life forever.


Chris O'Grady
Chief Technology Officer, Climb For Change

As Chief Technology Officer for Climb for Change, Chris helps steer the organization along the ever twisting trail of developing and maintaining social software for change.

Since graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree (Computer Science) from The University of Melbourne, he spent the nineties consulting to the banking/finance industry across the Asia-Pacific Rim.  With the emergence of internet technologies, Chris has moved his focus to developing tools that enable organizations to intellectually and socially collaborate, and effectively market their services.  As such, Chris is also the President of Cognitive Technology Designs, specializing in developing complex yet useable content driven web based technologies, catering to the academic, government, and private sectors.

Chris’ passion for all things outdoors started with hiking and climbing in the Australian bush, and has since lead him through the wild places of four continents. Mountaineering and ski touring in the winters, and mountain biking, climbing and kayaking in the summers, Chris’ move to British Columbia in 2001 was inevitable. He now lives in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island.


Andre Caron
Outreach & Development Coordinator, Climb For Change

As Outreach and Development Coordinator for Climb For Change, Andre brings his enthusiasm and knowledge of the outdoors and the Climb For Change vision to connect individuals and organizations to this hub to share their stories and experiences, and to collaborate to make a difference for ourselves and our communities.

Andre is also a Clinical Chemistry Instructor at the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), and a medical professional with a background in providing quality clinical services at Burnaby Lifelabs. He enjoys sharing his experiences and knowledge with his students, and has been actively engaged as volunteer on various committees at work and in his community.  

Born and raised in the Saskatchewan Prairies, Andre moved to Alberta to complete a Bachelor of Science degree (Medical Laboratory Science). The Canadian Rockies provided him an avenue to further explore his passion for the outdoors, in particular, rock climbing. This led him further West to the spectacular landscapes of British Columbia, which he is proud to call his new home, a place where the pursuit of a variety of outdoor adventures seems endless.




Phillip Djawa
Founder & Principal, Agentic Communications

Spencer Massie
The Sixpence Group Ltd.
Managing Director, Clos du Soleil Winery Inc.

Colin Stein
Marketing Consultant, Special Interest Marketing