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Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School for Himalayan Children , Nepal
Vancouver, BC, Canada
SMD School (Namo Buddha Foundation)
November 12, 2012 - December 31, 2015

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It all started with five friends - Mike, Chantal, Eric, Michael and Jason - journeying deep into the Himalayas of Northern Nepal, to a remote region called the Phu valley. Our goal was to visit a medieval Tibetan Buddhist mountain community living at 14,000 feet. Our experience would take us on a journey far beyond the gates of Phu.

In the eyes of these people and their children, we saw the best part of what it means to be human. We were touched to the core by their sister-brotherhood, compassion, love and acceptance. We also witnessed a serious challenge common across the Himalayas of Northern Nepal.

FACTS: Nepal is one of the poorest countries in Asia with a high illiteracy rate (~40%). Northern Himalayan mountain communities like Phu are practically cut off with no roads, no electricity, no running water, no health care, and no schools. In many villages, 3 out of 4 children die before their 5th birthday.

This campaign is about supporting the education of the forgotten children in the Himalayas of Northern Nepal. Please join us!


LEADERSHIP: Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche’s aim is to preserve the culture, language and Buddhist way of life of the Himalayas - to give Himalayan children the tools to build a better future so they can help their communities when they grow up.

SOLUTION: Since 1987, Rinpoche’s Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School (SMD) in Kathmandu has provided free education and full care to Himalayan kids (housing, medical and dental care), following Nepali government school curriculum enriched by instruction in Tibetan language and culture. Wholly funded by overseas sponsors, SMD School provides for 600+ students yearly with hundreds of kids on the waitlist.

NEED:  Sponsorship for kids who have been accepted to attend SMD school but whose funding has fallen through. We want to ensure there are no financial barriers to the education, health and well-being of children.

ACTION: Together, we can do this! Please give to our SMD Sponsorship campaign. (Charitable tax receipts issued by Rinpoche's Namo Buddha Foundation, 891225211RR0001).

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What's New

Award winning videographer, Grant Baldwin, donates to SMD!

Our film, Beyond the Gates of Phu, was screened at the DOC BC event, June 20, 2013 alongside 10 other short documentaries by local film makers. At the end of the even, Grant very generously donated his $100 prize money to the kids at SMD! Check out for a taste of Grant's amazing work.

logoGrant Baldwin Videography

Vitamins Delivered to SMD by Mike & Chantal!

When visiting the school, Mike and Chantal Schauch, discovered that approx 100 new kids were admitted to the school this year. Most of these kids come from extremely remote mountain villages, and many suffer from severe malnutrition when they arrive at the school. Before they arrive at the school, most kids have never even received three square meals a day. So the vitamins are very important for the children’s health and well being"

Vitamins Delivered to SMD by Mike & Chantal!

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Jo and Nichole, 300
November 14, 2013
Nicoleta D., 200
August 24, 2013
Grant Baldwin, 100
June 25, 2013


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