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Once again the pearl of Asia is getting ready for the big event.Sri Lanka’s Prabhawa organization of Haputale will be celebrating the international Mountain day on 8th of December 2013. According to Ranjith Kharmegam the spokesperson of the... More
11/7/13 1
Hello everybody!   Christmas is approaching v. quickly! We have a perfect gift idea for you! Also a great motivation to help you train to progress to the next level in your climbing, meet lots of cool people and have lots of fun!   Join us... More
Congrats to 18 year old Oliver Bibby who hiked the Grouse Grind 16 times in one day, breaking the previous record of 15 times. He was raising funds and awareness for BC Children's Hospital. See the CBC coverage Man hikes Vancouver's Grouse... More
7/8/13 3
Adventure has played a tremendous therapeutic and developmental role in my life and if I can encourage alpinism as a form of adventure and therapy for others, I will do everything I can in order to make that happen.  Throughout... More
6/19/13 2
Girl Rising, the ground breaking new feature film by 10x10, documents extraordinary girls and the power of education to change the world. You've probably heard of Malala Yousafzai's story, the 15 year old Pakistani girl was shot in the head... More