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Resources, Tips, Tools, Info, Links and more for the Climb For Change Community

Every year thousands of hikers, trekkers and climbers around the world climb mountains for a cause, or climb for charity. The Climb For Change Recource Centre is an organic, ever evolving go to place that you can access for info, tools, tips strategies and links for your charity climb, fundraising climb and climbs for causes. We welcome suggestions for topics - please contact us.

Thinking of starting a charity climb, trek or hike? This is a great place to begin! Learn more on how to set a fundraising objective, choosing your charity and mountain or climbing route, what to look for in choosing the right guide or trekking company service, and more...
Stay fit or become fit, get mentally and physically prepared for your climb, learn about the importance of proper nutrition and health supplements and more...
Here are some tools and tips to help you and your team to maximize your fundraising efforts. Learn how to develop your fundraising strategy, approach sponsors, and how to succeed in meeting your fundraising objective.
Getting your message out and consistent communications is key to raising awareness and funds for your cause. Learn how to target media, effectively grow and communicate with your audience, and how to successfully use social media for the success of your climbing campaign.
Building the right team culture and driving team momentum will be important not only for your fundraising efforts, but also for the success of your climb! Here are some tips and resources to help you build a strong team that works together towards your common vision.
Inspiring News & Stories from Around the World! The latest charity climbs, fundraising climbs and climbs for a cause.
Authored by:
Chris O'Grady
October 27, 2011