International Mountain day 2012 Haputale Sri Lanka

International Mountain day 2012 Haputale Sri Lanka
Haputale, UV
Sri Lanka

International Mountain Day 2012 Haputale Sri Lanka

The Prabhawa organization of Haputale Sri Lanka will be celebrating the international Mountain day 2012 on 09th of December at Haputale Mountain Peak.

Ranjith Kharmegam the Secretary and the official spokesman of Prabhawa says the event will be taking place in Sri Lanka for the consecutive 3rd year.The organization did host many environmental rerlated awareness programmes for school children & environmental protection campaigns as well.This year event is fully organized by the  members of Prabhawa.

On 09th Deecember the event will start early in the morning in front of Haputale urban council.The Chairman of Haputale urban council will host the national flag and inaugurate the event officiallly.all government department heads,Memebers of Haputale urban council,Scout leaders,Environmentalists,media personnel & school children will be joining the event.

The traditional "Osu Pan" ( a drink made of helbals) will be served for all the climbers at the urban council premises.Than the march will take place towards Dambetenne road Hindu religous rituals will take place at the Kurinji Sri Muthu Mariamman temple ( Kurinji means-mountains in Tamil Language)

After the ritulas the real part of climb do start.throughout the whole 2 hours of journey the scouts are ready the entertain the climbers with many fun related activities.At the Haputale Mountain peak The deputy Chairman of Haputale Urban council Hon.Sampath lamahewa will make the declaration the years mountain day pact.

indigenous foods will be served in Kenda kola leaves with freshly brewed tea in a cocnut shell.while doctors are educating the crowd about health & safety in daily life the youths can share there enjoyable moments via internet from the mountain peak.The scouts will entertain the crowd with lots of fun related activities.This is the day to show our gratitude,hike & think about the immense  contribution of Mountains and mother nature Nature.

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International Mountain day 2012 Haputale Sri Lanka


Mountain Dya? Sounds cool.

Mountain Dya? Sounds cool. Its good in fact I would say this day must be internationally celebrated because mountains not only favor Sri Lanka but every country on Earth.

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International Mountain Day

International Mountain Day was officially declared by the UN and is open for celebration in any country/city - many have embraced it.

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December 07, 2012