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12/19/11 1
Hi Everyone, I have started a charity kids indoor climbing program to teach climbing to kids with disadvantaged backgrounds. The goal is to help them pick up climbing as a regular sport/passion and benefit them physically and mentally to thrive... More
12/15/11 1
If you are like me, you are really drawn to stories about the strength of the human spirit, where against all odds (and the elements) humans can reach the top of the world, as it were. Filmmaker Dianne Whelan, who will be in attendance tonight, will... More
12/11/11 3
  In the spirit of International Mountain Day 2011 Climb For Change is proud to present the 15th Annual Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival Mountain Photography Competition. The competition runs until January 15th and the winners... More
12/5/11 2
This past Saturday, Joe Wong and myself got up nice and early to attempt the Crown Couloir, a beautiful WI2 climb running up the side of Crown Mountain. We checked the weather and avalanche reports and everything looked good. When we rolled... More
12/1/11 2
AWARD WINNING FILMMAKER DIANNE WHELAN’S NEW MOUNT EVEREST DOC 40 DAYS AT BASE CAMP at THE RIO THEATRE DECEMBER 15TH, 2011 AT 9:30 PM With Dianne Whelan and Guests for a Special Q &A Tickets:  $ 12... More