Expedition Empowerment: Aconcagua 2013

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Climb Mt. Aconcagua in Argentina, South America 22,837 ft to raise money for BARCC: the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center



Mt. Aconcagua , Argentina
Boston, MA, United States
Boston Area Rape Crisis Center
January 12, 2013 - January 31, 2013

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Devon Dopfel, a fitness professional (www.devondopfelfitness.com), entrepreneur and amateur mountaineer will climb the highest mountain in all of the Americas to support the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. She will tackle Mt. Aconcagua located in Mendoza, Argentina standing an enormous 22,841’ above sea level. The Expedition begins January of 2013 and will last approximately 21 days. The expedition will require several  5-10 mile hikes with up to 2000’ elevations gains.  According to Wikipedia, “Aconcagua is arguably the highest non-technical mountain in the world...the effects of altitude are severe (atmospheric pressure is 40% of sea-level at the summit)...Altitude sickness will affect most climbers to some extent, depending on the degree of acclimatization...many climbers underestimate the objective risks of the elevation and of cold weather, which is the real challenge on this mountain.”


I want to call this climb Expedition Empowerment. It is a climb for people who want bigger and better things for themselves. It is also for anyone who has ever felt overwhelmed by an obstacle that felt too great to overcome, an obstacle that seemed larger than any mountain. I am climbing for the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center. This organization was there for me as I navigated the challenging path of self empowerment after dealing with an incident of date rape. It was a moment in time that left me angry, confused and untrusting. BARCC helped me to recognize my individual strength and that I matter and no one has the power to change me. Please join me in helping to support this incredible organization. It has inspired me as well as supported so many others in finding their strengths and paths to summits of their own. I am proud to climb for BARCC - please help me support them with your donation.


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Barcc, 100
February 12, 2013
Go, Devon!
Barcc, 100
February 12, 2013
Go, Devon!
Heather Watkins, 25
January 26, 2013
All the best!!


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