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"It all started with a personal climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, not only for myself to overcome a major mountain in my life, but more importantly, to climb for individuals in my community. Climb For Change evolved from the impact Mike and I witnessed while leading two charity climbs in 2010 and 2011, raising over $200,000 for a local charity together with our teams. Now, our personal expedition journey continues with a mission to reach beyond…

Enter Core Explorers, a project by Climb For Change.

~ Chantal Schauch, Co-Founder, Climb For Change ~


Reigniting the core of what unites and sustains us


Project Summary

Just as we're losing an unprecedented amount of plant and animal life, we'll see half of our social, cultural and intellectual legacy disappear within a generation or two (W. Davis, 2009). We've lived driven by growth, rather than progress, and by the pressures of society and the conventions we have grown used to. As Steven Pressfield says, “Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it” (2002).

Journeys into the mountains and to ancient mountain cultures allow us to remember what is important to us at the core. When the day to day gets stripped away to the basics, and when we’re faced with just ourselves and the powerful energy of our natural world, we're given an opportunity to reconnect with ourselves and with each other.

The Core Explorers project seeks to re-ignite in our young leaders the core of what unites and sustains us, by sharing experiences and lessons of our visits to ancient mountain cultures and distant peaks.

We do so by:

  1. Capturing our journeys with both traditional and modern means of communication (storytelling, painting, photography, writing, music, filming);

  2. Sharing our stories and lessons learned through interactive workshops and presentations or even exhibits and concerts; and

  3. Challenging our young leaders to plan and follow through with an objective aligned with their values and dialoguing on their experience in the process.


Chapter 1: The Lost Valley - Nar & Phu, Nepal
The next journey unfolds in April 2012, with a trek to the Nar-Phu valley, a remote region of Nepal’s upper Manang which lies north of the Annapurna Circuit, close to the Tibetan border. Closed to trekkers until late 2002, few westerners have explored the medieval villages of Nar and Phu, or climbed the many peaks sur­rounding it...

We hope to capture a moment in time, learning form the lessons and values of an ancient mountain people, and our own journeys to and from...

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Follow our tracks starting April 1'12


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