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Welcome to the Climb For Change Media Centre. For our media kit, high resolution images, speaking engagements, upcoming events and company news, please contact us with any inquiries directly at Thank you! Adventure Philanthropy Platforms 01.02.2013

Imagine taking on the epic challenge of climbing a mountain like Kilimanjaro or Everest, and now factor in that you'll be doing it to raise funds for charity. Along with a vigorous training and nutrition program, you'll have to devote a lot of time and effort to fundraising. For some, this fundraising piece is the most exhausting and intimidating part...

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SEE Change Magazine: How Kilimanjaro launched me into social entrepreneurship 21.01.2013

What sparked the vision for a story and online fundraising site specifically for charity climbs, treks, hikes and charity adventures, was my first charity climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro in 2010 with my husband Mike. We realized the vast number of people wanting to adventure for charity, but more than often lacking the tools, resources, and know-how to get started easily. And so was born.

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Hilborn Charity News: New platform helps charity climbers reach fundraising heights 17.01.13

Climb For Change started as a community sharing tips, resources and stories of charity climbs and adventures world-wide. Now it’s begun a social enterprise and launched a free online fundraising tool to help charitably-minded climbers reach out to their networks for donations.

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Axiom News: Climbing the Mountain of Social Change 11.01.2013

Shortly after, we set off to scale Ganung Rinjani, which turned out to be a 3,700-metre active volcano that hovers over the dry landscape like a watchtower. That climb was a key part of an adventure that changed my life, and when I spoke with Climb for Change co-founder Chantal Schauch the other day about her organization, it all came flooding back.

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Axiom News: Adventure Philanthropists Have New Tribe 11.01.2013

Climb for Change links passions of 'adventurers for social good'. Setting a goal to raise money for a chosen charity and seeing it through to the end can be as daunting as choosing a mountain to scale and reaching the peak after months of preparation.

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Adventure Inspired: Interview: Aspiring Mountaineer Chantal Schauch on Founding Climb for Change and Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro 07.01.2013

If one of your resolutions is to do something for a cause this year, Climb for Change might be exactly what you're looking for. Chantal and Mike Schauch recognized a need for a fundraising platform that would allow intrepid adventurers to climb, hike, bike or trek anywhere and to raise money for any (registered) organization they deemed worthy.

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Vancouver Observer: Making fundraising the easy part of Climbing for a Cause 12.06.2012

“People want to have their own story and brand represented on their campaign site,” says Chantal Schauch. “They want more than the simple mass market fundraising pages and don’t have the time or money to spend on a custom fundraising website.” The site makes it easy and engaging – not to mention free – for people who aren’t professional fundraisers... Read full article by Hilary Mandel on Vancouver Observer

The Adventure Blog: Climb For Change Launches New Online Fund Raising Platform 11.30.2012

The challenge arises when they try to balance those fund raising efforts with all of the logistics that come along with launching a new expedition. It can be really difficult to plan all of the details of an adventure, test and pack gear, gather necessary permits and visas and coordinate with other members of the team, while still trying to promote a cause...  Read full post by Kraig Becker at The Adventure Blog

Webslinger: Climb for Change Launches First Online Fundraising Site for Charity Climbs 11.30.2012

Working with non-profit organizations, I am familiar with what a challenge online fundraising and e-commerce can be for an organization that doesn't have the specialization or budget to launch such services. I was really excited to learn today that a friend's organization, Climb For Change, had recently launched the first online platform to help support people climbing a mountain, trekking, or hiking for charity...

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The Wall Street Journal Online: Climb for Change Launches First Online Fundraising Site for Charity Climbs 11.27.12 launches first online fundraising platform that allows climbers to concentrate on what they love the most: the climb. Climb For Change campaign sites make fundraising for a cause easier, more engaging, fun and successful because they're catered specifically to people and teams wanting to raise money for charity using climbing, trekking, hiking or adventures to do so.

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